Friday, August 5, 2011

balloon decoration

Simple Steps to Impress Your Special Guests!

Get Ready: Go to A Beauty Parlor for a good Hair grooming/style, Color Your Hair, Facial, Bleach, Mehdi, Tattoo, Nail art, Face Painting, Wear Some Trendy Outfits, ask for choreographer (Call 9998721491) to prepare for latest/classical song Steps That Suits Your Personality. (If u thinks u can dance)

Add On: You may also like to serve additional cake. Varieties like savouries, Biscuit, cookies, candy and some fresh fruit, as an offering to your guests!

Games: Pass the Balloon, Musical Chair, Find a Cell Phone (While Ringing with Blind fold) Balloon Inflating Race, Balloon Burst-Be the Last Person to Not Let Your Balloon Get Burst. For More Ideas 9998721491

Return Gifts: Depending upon the age group we can make an exciting goodie bag e.g. birthday caps , masks , piggy box , pencil set , diary , Tiffin box , water bottle, Make Up Kits, Wallets etc .

As Event Planner: D.J (Disk Jockey), Bubbles & Balloon Decoration, Photographer, Disco Lights, gifts inside Balloons arranged for Shooting.

D.J (Disk Jockey): Booming Experience of Thrilling Sound and Music Touches Your Heart, Arrived Specially For Music Lovers. Digital D J Presents Marvelous Instrumental Bits Suitable For Your every Occasions D J Party, Engagements, School Picnics & Annual Day Celebrations, Corporate Events, Product launches, Theme Party, Fashion Show, Celebrities Visit, Product Launch, Live Marriage Songs, Fatana, Varghodo/Aswarohan/Fuleku, Reception, Dance Party, Birthday Party, Children Party, Couple Party, Anniversary, Kitty Party, Surprise Party, Shatyanarayan Karha Sangeet, Randal Mata’s Geet, Bhajan, Kirtan, Vastu, Simant, Sugam Sangit Sandhya, Gazal Sandhya, Garba, Dandiyaras(Stick-Strokes-Dance), Hinch, Bhangda, Hip-Hop, Fusion and Surely Remix. Just Call Any Time +91 9998721491, 9879033673, 9228396382, 02862212491

Bubbles: Our Bubble Machine Attract Guests Specially Kids.

Balloon: Our Balloon Comes From Malaysia. Balloon color themes can be selected on the basis of themes. entry gate increase look of the entire place.

Games: As Game Host We will organise on the spot & interactive games for kids, adults, interact and create excitement.

Dancer Troops: We Provide Various Dancer Troops like Belly Dancers, Arabian Dancers, Pole Dancers, Russian Dancers, Bollywood item Dancers, Foreigner Salsa Dancers, Turkish Dancers, Ukraine Dancers, Egyptian Dancers, Dancers from Hungry Also!

About us: We are in this field sins 1997 and have oganised umpteen number of functions As professional DJ/Event Planner Worked at Various Cities Across India like Ahmadabad, Amritsar, Chennai, Goa, Mumbai, Rajkot, Porbandar (2009 Lok Mela-Chowpati Ground, Fashion Show –Birla hall-Inner Wheel Club, Sharad poonam –Sudama Chowk. Etc. See it on )

For any type of celebration please contact us. Please Feel Free For Any Query!

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